J.K, a company with over 12 years of retail expertise in technology business has an established clientele.Exceptional client service always constitutes a core value for J.K‘s business and the company always aims to become a trusted partner for its clients.

However, company’s limited product portfolio, strong competition and customers‘ constantly growing needs have led to a decrease in J.K’s sales. At the same time two large brand named companies with high tech products were operating in the same area.

Failing to meet a regular customer’s needs regarding a smart TV, the company started to explore possible ways to expand their business, meet market demands and widen its client base. J.K’s first step towards its new strategy was to overcome the mediator.

Mediator’s given price for 60 units of the specific TV (which was company’s buying capacity) was 410$ while at the same time competitor’s retail price was 399$. J.K became a buyer2buyers member, uploaded and displayed the product and reached other buyers to sell the excess quantity of 540 units at the price of 340$/ unit.

That way the company not only managed to include a new product to its product line but also managed to sell it as special offer to its customers and thus gain more market share.