Other Services

Buyer Verification Services

Verification service is an evaluation process conducted by buyer2buyers.com.

This process enables buyer2buyers.com to confirm that the Buyer is a real and credible company.

Once approved, verified Buyers are authorized to display the verification logo on their profile in order to prove that their company has been verified. Moreover, their profile will be displayed on “Top Profiles” list.

Becoming a verified member provides the Buyer with the opportunity to build its reputation and make more deals, since it offers priority and popularity and it is a solid indication of reliability and trustworthiness of a company.

Buyers wishing to become a verified member shall pay a monthly or annual fee.

Alternatively, Buyers can acquire the verification logo at zero cost by closing at least ten deals with other Buyers.

Product Verification Services

Buyer2buyers.com offers Product Verification services in order to reduce Buyer’s risk.

Buyer2buyer’s staff evaluates uploaded products upon Buyer’s request.

This service helps members verify the authenticity of a post and ensures that the product is matching the listed specifications and meets all required criteria.

All members who wish to use this service shall pay a one-off fee.

Product verification is valid for six months and for unlimited uploads of the product.

To initiate the verification process, kindly contact info@buyer2buyers.com by adding to email subject either “ Buyers Verification Services Request “ or “ Product Verification Services Request “.

Payment Service

By making use of our payment service, each member has the opportunity to pay the supplier via buyer2buyers, since our platform acts as a payment intermediary between suppliers and buyers.

  • The service can help to instill Buyer’s confidence and ensures that transfer of funds will be performed only when payment has been made by all parties. If one party fails to fulfill the obligations within the purchase agreement, this agreement will become void and all deposits will be returned to the paying parties.

  • On some occasions this service might be a prerequisite, as many suppliers ask for a single payment from multiple Buyers in order to proceed with order confirmation.

Each Buyer will transfer the respective amount of money to buyer2buyers account and as soon as the required amount has been collected, funds will be transferred to the supplier.

For more information about this service, kindly contact info@buyer2buyers.com