Get Started

Step 1: Registration

Each Buyer (Company) can sign up and create an account by filling a form with general information such as login details and company details.

Step 2: Uploading/Searching for products

Users can upload and display a product of their interest, add full description and specifications and share a relevant video from YouTube or Vimeo. Each Buyer can share its product info with Buyers from other countries.
Each member can also apply a user filter that restricts access to their displayed data, based on users region.

Step 3: Setting display features

Users can set an offer validity period which means that their product will be on display for a certain period of time.

By using buyer2buyers each company can improve its total stock return, get a product in a cheap deal and shorten the selling cycle.


Small Companies

Small companies are able to participate in the production of a product by paying an extra percentage of product’s price to large companies. This constitutes a benefit for both companies, as small ones are able to purchase the desired order quantity at a lower price than the original quoted and at the same time large enterprises can buy the product at a more competitive price because of the increase in order quantity.

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises can buy small quantity. By ordering small quantity large companies reduce their expenses and renew their product range more often, a fact that leads to sales increase.

Upload Products & Sell

Users can upload and sell excess inventory. Each Buyer’s selling allowance will depend on their account history and purchasing performance.


  • Large Companies which are able to purchase a product from a supplier in a competitive price, can work as an agent for small companies by receiving a commission from them.
  • Smaller companies can co-operate and purchase together quantities that they wouldn't be able to purchase alone.
  • Both companies can upload the products of its stock and sell them to other buyers.
  • Gained a competitive advantage for your company fast, easily with 0 Cost. With Buyer2buyers you create a competitive advantage for your company
    • you improve your Total Stock Return,
    • you decrease your cost and gain better prices,
    • you increase the number of the products which you can purchase and its profitable for you